Protection Devices and Substation Automation Systems

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Protection Devices :
Cost effective Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) with modern technology; Comply with IEC, EN and BIS standards; Communication protocols and interfaces meet current standards including IEC 61850; Compact housing enables fast mounting and Commissioning; Easily expandable Analogue/ Digital inputs and outputs by Remote Terminal Blocks through Fibre Optic interface; Integrated with protection, control and automation functions in single device; User defined configurations and setting parameters with events and disturbance recording functions; Protection applications include Transmission lines, Bus bars, Transformers, Reactors, Generators and Motors up to EHV, and additional proven application of Anti-islanding of Solar and Wind Generators.

Substation Automation System :
Compatible for various Network Topologies and Communication protocols including IEC 61850; High degree of reliability in data exchange and storing information; Allows dynamic expansion of system (hardware and software); Object-oriented architecture; Decentralized and open system; Hierarchical principle and suitable for all basic SCADA levels; Fully automatic switching between servers (Main and Redundant); Engineering tools are compatible for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7; Configuration can be done locally or remotely; Configuration changes are automatically transferred to all servers; Availability of Diagnostic tools locally and remotely; Enable the users to create their own structures in the database, configuration and publication on all interfaces.

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